Our Carraroe groups are back!

Welcome Back!

A Little More About Charlotte

Hi folks !

Charlotte's my name, I'm a Slimming World Consultant in Carraroe in Sligo since Oct '16 - running morning groups on a Tuesday & Saturday.

My story.......I'm a proud mum to 2 beautiful boys & have been a Slimming World member since 2014.

I joined because someone where i worked at the time told me how amazeballs it was - think she may have been tired of listening to me complaining of being overweight and that was the start of my journey!!

From being so scared going into my first group, to going every single week & meeting amazing new friends, to the highs & lows and ups & downs, to the incredible food learning & mind opening new ways of eating & living and the eventual weight loss of 2 1/2 stone.

I always maintain that what I've gained by joining Slimming World is so much more than what I've lost in weight!! A healthier mind & body. A longer life expectancy. More energy. Greater confidence. Fantastic friends. A wonderful, fulfilling career now & work that never feels like work!

I absolutely love, love, love being a Slimming World consultant & creating a warm, comfortable environment in our groups (albeit virtual at the moment!).  I have a firm belief that people being in this kind of environment helps enormously with the motivation & determination needed for their weight loss journey all the way to their wonderful targets.

It's a heartwarming experience to see & feel people being so kind to each other week after week & wanting the best for each other.

Charlotte x

Keeping Each Other Safe:

✔️ Booking each week is compulsory - spaces are limited but there are more sessions to choose from- I’ll put link on here to booking system next week x

 ✔️ Payment at time of booking to secure your place (By Revolut or Credit card-which I will send a payment link for)

✔️ One way system in hall (In main door, out Kitchen door) 

 ✔️ Please arrive on time - 15 mins to weigh & 30 mins for Image Therapy - there will be no weigh ins once the time is up & no weigh ins after group as this time is crucial to get room sanitised & ready for following group. Silver lining is everyone knows it’ll be a 45 mins group only 

✔️  Weighing in with footwear & clothes you arrive in is a must 

✔️ No toilet facilities so please use before you leave home 

✔️ You will be the only person handling your membership card so please insert your own cards at pay & weigh stations - Also you will need your own pen to write down your weight in your book 

✔️ If buying bars/books please have exact money or use contactless payment 

✔️ Face masks are recommended but not compulsory 

✔️  The kitchen won’t be open I’m afraid but please feel free to bring along your own cuppa